Casting Call for Dancers for “Nankunda”


The wildly popular dance show “Nankunda” is now casting dancers for an upcoming production.

About The Dance Show “Nankunda”

The dance show revolves around the fact that many young kids are drawn towards a web that not only claims the innocence of their childhood but also robs them of the pleasures of childhood they deserve. The story is of a boy whose mother tries her best to protect him, from the child army in Uganda.

About The Roles

The roles needed for the dance performance of “Nankunda” are following. Please note all of the following roles are specific in their casting needs. Read on to see if you qualify for any of these exciting opportunities and are able to take part in this casting call.


1.     The role of “Taban”

  • For the role of Taban, a male actor would be needed
  • The age of the applicant has to be between 15 to 25 years
  • Men of all ethnicities may apply
  • The directors are looking for young men with strong jazz and contemporary as well as hip hop skills (preferably with experience)
  • He needs to be able to tell the story of his endeavors through the dance
  • The role would be highly sentimental
  • The character is of an excited young boy who would go through trials and tribulations as part of his growth, unlike what kids his age go through- he would become mature at an early stage
  • An African American candidate would be ideal but the position is open for all casts

2.     For the role of Nankunda”

  • For the role of Nankunda, a female actress is required
  • This would be a lead role in the theatre performance
  • This is the role of Taban’s mother
  • The age of the applicant has to be between 25 and 45 years
  • Applicants of all ethnicities are encouraged to apply for the position
  • The role is of a mature adult woman, the applicant must be able to carry herself with poise and grace
  • Strong ballet skills as well as contemporary and modern skills are required for the performance
  • Strong partnering skills are also required
  • The role would be full of emotions and sentimental beyond control along with a strong persona
  • An African American women would do good, but the position is open for all ethnicities

3.     For the role of “Sarah”

  • The role of Sarah is a supporting character
  • A female actress is required of any ethnicity
  • The applicant must be of 12 to 25 years of age
  • She would be the eye candy of Taban
  • The applicant must possess strong contemporary, partnering and hip hop skills for the performance
  • The applicant might be required to do some work of the ensemble too in the show

4.     For Narrators

  • The narrators of the story ware needed
  • The age of the applicants have to be 18+
  • People of all ethnicities may apply
  • The applicants must have strong story telling voice

Casting Specifics

  • The applicants must submit their full name, brief description of their dance skills and experience, photographs and contact information via email
  • Email:
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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