Casting Call For UCS Student Film “Gita”

StudentFilmGitaAbout The Student Film Project
“Gita” is the story of a young 16 year old Indian girl who has been shown the greener side of the other country to bring her to United States with the dream that her life is going to be changed for good. She has been brought to US by an Indian couple residing in the states.

The land of opportunity might not be as promising for her since she is trapped in the modern form of slavery which might not be the picture of typical physical slavery and the torture associated with it, but is definitely a dungeon of mental torture. She doesn’t have the freedom she had envisioned and also not the same glamour of social life as she had been thinking of all her life of tender years.

Read below for the information in the roles being cast for this exciting opportunity!

About The Roles
The production team requires individuals for the following characters of the story:

  • For the role of Gita, a female actress of Indian ethnicity is required
  • The age has to be 16 years
  • The ideal choice would be someone who could speak fluent Hindi however that is not a must have

The role depicts the character of a young girl who has been born and brought up in an underprivileged area, someone who has not seen all the bounties life has to offer and took the first train available towards the valley of her innocent dreams.  Gita wouldn’t only realize she is still suppressed in the land of freedom but also she would question her decision of coming to states as a domestic worker. Stuck between two choices, the role would depict the misery of such cases of human trafficking.

2.     For the role of Monica

  • For the role of Monica, a female actress would be required
  • The age group has to be 30-50 years
  • The ethnicity required for this role is Indian
  • Hindi speaking applicant would be an ideal choice but that is not a necessity

Monica is the woman who brought Gita to US showing her the illusionary beauty of the life she could have had, had she been given a chance to.


3.     For the role of Keshav

  • For the role of Keshav, a male actor is required
  • The age group has to be of 30-50 years
  • Ethnicity required for this role is Indian
  • The ideal choice would be a candidate who could speak fluent Hindi but that isn’t a mandatory requirement.

Keshav is the role of the man who along with his wife, Monica brings Gita to US promising her the life she had always wanted to have and to provide her with the support she deserves, only to keep her for domestic help at their house.
About The Auditions

Following are the details for the auditions for the UCS student film ‘Gita’

  • Email the resume, pictures and contact information with details to:
  • The city of auditions and shooting would be Los Angeles
  • The actors would be paid for their services
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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