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LACastingShowAbout The Couples Game Show

A Los Angeles based reality TV production is on the hunt for the candidates for their pilot couples game show for a major cable network. The rush call is for all those couples who are married and those too who are divorced but still friends with their ex. The reality TV show would consist of games and the winning couple would also be paid a hefty amount of $200 per person, for the shoot.  The award winning reality television game show production company has plans for an amazing project which would be pilot filmed for a renowned cable network, and this could give a chance at fame to many couples residing in Los Angeles who aspire to be a part of the game show. The details would be communicated to the short listed candidates who would be selected after auditions for the shooting of the game show on March 15th 2016. Check out the requirements for submitting below.

For The Couples Applying For the Couples Game Show

If you are someone who is not only looking to be a part of a popular game show but also to get a chance to show their enthusiastic side along with their partner and let their other side be the highlight of the television screen, now have a chance!

A major cable television network has come up with a chance for the married couples and also the divorced ones who are for any reason friends with their ex (and of course in contact) to grab a chance at popularity, fame and fortune at the project. This couples game show is the production of an award winning reality television production company which is shooting a pilot game show for a major cable network.

Are you married?

Are you divorced but friends with your ex? (For whatever reason)

Is your age between 25 to 35 years (You’re young and think you deserve to be getting the chance to win a reality show with your partner or ex?)


Is there something very distinguishing in your personalities?

Do you see a spark in your relation?

Are there traces from the past marriage which made you two be friends and be totally cool about it?

And you have had dreams (you and your partner, current or ex) about being a part of a reality television program?

Are you fond of game shows and at times have thought you’d have done a splendid job if it were you in lieu of the candidates you see on screen?

If you fit any of these situations, check below for the information on how to submit to the show.

What to Do?

For all those aiming to be a part of this reality TV show, along with their partners (former or current) need to fill up an email and submit to with the following information: Best of luck to all that apply to be featured on the show.

  • Your name and the name of your spouse (or ex)
  • Your photograph
  • Your spouse’s photograph
  • Confirm your availability on the 15th of March 2016, which is the shooting date
  • A paragraph briefly explaining the two of you and your relationship and the major details pertaining to the two of you which could be of help in records.
  • Your ages
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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