Oregon Trail Reality Series Casting

oregon trailA major television network is looking for survivalist type people for a new reality series that will pit its contestants against nature.  The premise of the show will follow a small group as they travel the Oregon Trail from somewhere in the Midwest (presumably Independence, MO) to Oregon City, Oregon.  The group will, most likely, have to survive off the land by foraging and hunting wild animals to eat.  Details of the show, as of right now, are relatively unclear, but this may be one a great challenge for those who love to push themselves to the limit.

Just imagine having to set out across the great plains of the United States with little more than a wagon containing only the bare essentials.  And by bare essentials I didn’t mean you your phone, iPad, or any manner of technology.  You will be armed with only the clothes on your back and most likely a rifle or weapon of some manner as you embark on one of the most famous journeys in American history.  A journey of unspeakable peril; as you cross rivers, valleys, and a treacherous mountain range in order to reach your destination.  Just hope that it goes better for you than it ever went for me in the video game.  I always seemed to die of dysentery before I got to the mountains.  So if you think that traversing the Western United States and enduring the same trials and tribulations that face the early settlers then this casting is for you.

You can apply to the casting in the link below.  The casting is brought to you by Metal Flowers Media who also do casting for few other Discovery Channel reality series.

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