Webseries Casting Male and Female Talent

We’re casting a new webseries shooting this spring. Please send all inquiries, head shots, resumes and links for reels to the above email.

We are seeking the following lead roles for an ensemble show:1. Gabe (40’s) is a half Jewish half Black, bar owner from Newark, who now lives in Montclair NJ, with wife and daughter. He has a bit of a gut, and wears his sleeves rolled-up. He’s quick to put his foot in his mouth but will smack you if you laugh.

2. Javier Vasquez (28)- Latino from New York. Sex-addict, weed-head, and alcoholic, who is dominated by his appetites. He makes his living as a make-up artist, but has very little integrity, artistically or otherwise.

3. Isabella Vasquez (26)- Javier’s sister, and Paul’s ex-girlfriend, but that’s not how she would define herself. She seems to have everything under control, and as a discrete drug dealer she needs to, but life’s not that simple, and neither is she.

4. The Fantastic Adam(30’s)- a tall, thin, stylish magician of any race. A projection of Paul’s imagination, he’s identified by his cackling laugh.

5. Jen (34): Mixed raced. Paul’s older sister and Gabe’s wife; only knows that Paul is still alive through Gabe’s interaction with him. Refuses to give Paul any more chances to screw up her life.

6. Laura Barnes (31): Born and raised on Long Island. Caucasian former R&B singer now, driver to the stars, and a recovering drug addict who has since finished rehab. She has an enormous rolodex of “friends” from her days in the music industry and uses them to make more money on the side.

7. Jack Stanley (30): Caucasian, career wall-street trader who is a functioning drug and power addict. Jack supports his expensive habits by closing some of the most infamous but “legal” deals in the big money financial world.

8. Jill Roach (20): Caucasian, working high fashion model who is in school but helps run a drug operation on the side. Jill rolls hard with Isabella and supports her every move.

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